The Globe Brentford
January 25th 2003

Just an evening out?   no way!!


     The Globe to-night wasn't as packed out as normal, Shame!  it should have been, cos if you have a soul you would have been at home to-night.

     This is as far as I know the debut of The Andy Roberts Group, and it was well worth waiting for.

     Andy Roberts is no stranger to the globe, he has been here singing with another great band, the legendry Blues Patrol for a few years, and has threatened to put a band of his own together sometime. Well he has done it, and done it well.

     Andy Roberts to me has a crème de la crème voice that is so full of feeling, passion and emotion, your soul just can't get enough. This guy's voice doe's, and will melt your heart, and the backing vocals from Leian Roberts are a perfect compliment to Andy's, and they don't do it without the feeling of others. They are, Drums - Toby Baron; Bass - Jonathon Bankes; Keyboards - Vic Martin; Lead Guitarist; Bruce Knapp.

     The evening contained a mixture of classic numbers plus new numbers of there own as you can check out from the set list below. 

     Perfection is achieved through practice, but passion comes from the soul, is there anything such as perfect passion? if there is, maybe this is what I experienced to-night.

     Oh I may be getting on a bit but I'm not gonna while guy's like this are about.

     The Andy Roberts Group will be back at The Globe again, of that there is no question, don't miss out.

For more about about Andy Roberts and his fellow artists, click below.



ARG = The Andy Roberts Group

Set One

Cross Tail Moth - ARG
Start It Up - Robben Ford
Blues of the month club - Joe Louis Walker & The Boss Talkers
Drowning in the sea of love - Gamble & Huff
Mistaken' ARG
Never gonna lose these blues - ARG
Dangerous mood - Keb Mo
Gypsy Woman - Curtis Mayfield

Set Two

Still In Love - ARG
Running Blues - Boz Scaggz
Just a little bit - JLW rendition
People on the street - Joe Louis Walker & The Boss Talkers
Giant Leap of Faith - ARG
Every time - ARG 
There goes the neighbourhood - The Cate Brothers & Leroy Preston
Sweet Exorcist - Curtis Mayfield

Delta Hurricane - Larry McCray
High on love - ARG


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