Live music is under attack by the Powers to be, your help is needed NOW!!!

    There are two issues, The Globe is under threat and so are venues with two or less artists.  The Globe is under threat and would like your signature to a petition to Hounslow Council the next time you visit.  below is the text of the petition.

    Thank you for your support over ten years of FREE LIVE MUSIC

    Early in February this nearly came to an end. We feel that our business rates do not take into consideration the entertainment we provide for the COMMUNITY, (and further a field) and the fact that we use our own profits to provide it. As other bills are estimated from our business rates our costs spiral.

    We have asked HOUNSLOW COUNCIL for a fair rate that will enable us to continue in business and retain LIVE MUSIC. Your signatures on this petition may help us in our plea.

    Thanks to you all, KEEP MUSIC LIVE!!!



        The issue with two or less artists is far more reaching and can be found at this site where there is a link you can go to, to sign a petition online to The Prime Minister  Please do not leave it to others to take action on this  issue, sign these petitions ASAP.


Other sites concerning this issue.